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Are You?

Perfect Reach™ makes it easy to find new customers right in their Facebook newsfeed.


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You have three ways to reach your audience

Choose the one that best fits your business:

Location Based Ads

• Know when customers are near your business
• Appear in users’ Facebook directing them to you
• Perfect for increasing foot traffic.


Sales Lead Form Ads

• Provide an easy way to collect information from potential customers
• Use questions, form fields, checkboxes and more
• Users can fill out forms without leaving Facebook

Create Sales Lead Form Ads on the Desktop*
*Heads up! Lead ads can not be built on mobile and tablet devices.

Offer / Coupon Ads

• Show special discounts and other offers while users are using Facebook
• Users can click within Facebook to claim the offer
• Users get a confirmation email with more details about your business


Perfect Reach™ Features

Perfect Reach™ is more than just a tool to make Facebook ads. It's an entire system dedicated to making your campaigns successful.

Powerful Targeting

Targeting on Facebook is the Most Powerful Tool in the History of Marketing

Detailed Reporting

Clear and Easy to Understand Analytics that tell you what is driving results

Ad Creation

Upload your images and use your own copy to define your offer

Powered by Facebook

Get access to the power usually reserved for Facebook Marketing Partners

What is Perfect Reach™?

Audience Delivered, a Facebook Marketing Partner, created Perfect Reach after years of working with clients to successfully market their brands and products on Facebook. We took our proprietary Facebook Ads Management System (an enterprise level solution) and made an easy to use Facebook advertising tool for everyone.

Build your target audience using our powerful tool. Find existing customers and new customers that fit behavioral profiles.


Easily create an ad campaign by uploading your ad images and entering your ad copy.


Define your goals and budget and select the package that suits your needs.


Review your results with our easy to understand reporting dashboard.


Get in Front of Your Customers with Facebook

The average US consumer spends 40 minutes per day in Facebook.

73% of Americans have a social network profile. The vast majority of them are on Facebook. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we have a unique ability to view and interact with hundreds of data-points for each and every Facebook user. With this incredible treasure trove of information, we are able to find not just your existing customers, but new customers with similar consumer behaviors.

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Fortune 500 Companies Rely on Our Technology Everyday

Hundreds of clients already rely on the technology behind Perfect Reach!
Take advantage of this powerful tool to launch your own Facebook campaigns.


Our clients swear by our results. From big brands to big box, from retail to restaurants.

They helped us to identify and engage the most qualified potential customers in our region

We had a huge increase in foot traffic to our live auction events all across the country

In a very short amount of time, our site traffic increased by 20%

Engagement with our page went through the roof - we added almost 20,000 fans

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